DST ///.

Multi-Band Distortion to bring

your sounds to life.

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3 modes of distortion

Three unique distortion algorithms ranging from subtle to the extreme.

Each provides different characters and tones to give you more options when creating.


4 bands to manipulate into

your own sound

Four Individual bands give you full control to tweak, edit and sculpt your sounds.

Input/output gain and frequency range controls allow you to craft the perfect sound.




Next level 3D interface to inspire easy editing and endless tweaking.

Feel the difference

Before / After examples of DST in action:

Basic Saw
Basic Saw with DST
ARP with DST
Stabs with DST
Pluck Bass
Pluck bass with dst
Big bass
Big Bass with dst


Armin Van Buuren

This is the type of plugin that makes everything better when put on individual tracks.
I like to use it for sounds that sound a bit dull, and DST immediately will beef it up without the need for endless tweaking.
Works excellent on bass, synths and loops. Actually it works on everything!

dada life

Love how DST brings out the character in the sound without making it sound artificial. Love it!

technical specs

works with all your favorite DAWS

✅  –  Win7+ or macOS X 10.11

✅  –  Apple M1 compatibility via Rosetta

✅  –  VST3- or AU-compatible host

✅  –  50Mb of free space

✅  –  64 Bit Only

✅  –  Internet Connection required for Activation

Bring your sounds to life with

DST ///.


customer reviews

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Fantastic plugin! I use it for my vocals and it gives them a warm crisp that no other distortion plugin can handle this smoothly.
Luc Tronbino
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DST has been a welcome addition to my plugin list. Couldn't exactly nail that top end on my very distorted kicks and DST has been really helpful to add on top of my stack, it's just the extra crisp I needed
Alex Martin
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Super cool plugin! I love it! It makes a super rich and filthy sound and matches to almost every sound. One of the best distortion plugins I've had so far!
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I think the plugin has a lot of power think it's great
dave p
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Excellent multiband distortion! Its versatile and it's easy of use is what makes it shine. Great for sculpting a sound quickly when your trying to put ideas down. Feels like the OTT of multiband distortions!
paul green
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Ilove DST! It is an amazing distortion plugin that gives life and harmonics to my sound! Highly reccomending it to everyone!
Austin Salmon
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by far THE BEST plugin i've purchased in a long long time! incredible work! love how CPU friendly it is and just instantly makes everything sound better! So thanks again.
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DST makes magic with sounds. This is literally the best Distortion plugin ever. I almost use it for every important sounds in my music.
Milky bass
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Purchased this plugin only a couple of days ago and already can’t live without! Very easy to use and gives instantly a great sound!

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